The current state of cryptographic computation is problematic. The systems are often monolithic, lacking compatibility and difficult to implement. The quality of research is generally high, but the transition to production-level software presents challenges for many.

We are committed to making cryptographic computation pragmatic and useful. Our primary objective is to provide developers with the necessary tools and infrastructure to build secure, reliable, and scalable decentralized applications.

At the core of our company lies our unwavering commitment to open source development. We firmly believe that transparent and collaborative systems can unlock the full potential of blockchain technology. To this end, we are working on a range of open source infrastructure and services that aim to enhance developer productivity and performance.

Our efforts extend beyond technological advancement. We've established a non-profit division, Delendum Research, to offer mentorship and host non-profit programs like the fellowship and residency program. This initiative provides resources and support to explore and innovate in the field of theoretical computer science, cryptography, and distributed systems.